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Well… I guess I’m keeping this for now as an online journal and a record of what we (Lyra Daydream and myself) did and do throughout this music project….


My name is Liz or you can call me Liz Lund or Liz Rose is fine too. This is a snapshot below from our first ever official music video, Fire Sprites Nostalgia.


Fire Sprites Nostalgia Official Music Video

It took me a while to realize that this whole music and lyric creation thing was actually a realistic, long term passion. I was 19 when I wrote my first song. Come to think of it, I had been writing creatively anyway from a super early age.

The only thing I ever found challenging about the writing world, was the consistent amount of economic doors that would regularly slam shut in my face. (Liz proceeds to stick tongue out and make light of all challenges in entertainment and in the media.)


_(Above) Liz Lund at Denny’s lol __ (Below) Lyra Daydream at Coney Island ❤ _


Lyra for most of her life knew that music was her “great love.” It is only because I met her, that I was able to realize how much I loved to write & play music.  When she & I first met, Lyra was the guitarist and backup singer for the talented NYC grunge alternative rock group called “The Entropic Order: members of which included Christian Spencer (the lead singer,) Dave Mendez (the drummer) and Birdie (the bassist.)


Unfortunately, at some point, that ended.


The Entropic Order has since relocated to Canada. You can find a link to their SoundCloud just below. They’re worth the listen.

Later on, Lyra & myself went ahead and formed a different project.  Lyra named that project “Waking Dream,” (or by our formal company name,) “Waking Dream NYC Incorporated.


The name “Waking Dream” originally came from Lyra Daydream being a daydreamer while she was growing up. Thus, the name Lyra Daydream stuck.



At this moment of the day, I can discuss our project with you more as you read this. There is nothing that I won’t share in this blog, if it is asked of me by readers. I will answer questions that accurately represent what and who I am as a person (as Liz Lund.) I will also continue to discuss what we are (Lyra & I) as a project and where we are going professionally as a music group.


Admittedly so, there are many sides to people. Music projects are no different in this way (not that I’m making an astute observation or anything here.) lol

I think that’s why our songs sometimes turn into social commentaries, satires, with modern & historical references (concerning situations that are almost tropes within our society.) I love the laughter that a good trope joke can bring. I can’t help it.

Just look at the first solo video I put up. It’s called “The Pussy King.” It’s on the same YouTube channel as the music video “Fire Sprites Nostalgia.” It feels so long ago that I wrote it, and I am well aware that there are two ways my performance will come across to complete strangers. It would either be very funny or very offensive to them.

Even so, if it is offensive, then one can’t help but to see the realism somewhere in certain moments of the song (even if the speaker & characters do seem to be highly exaggerated.

I suppose I’m wandering off again into a tangent. Staying on topic, (via promotional value and as a business woman,) it is now unfortunate job to annoy the hell out of you through my multiple mentions of the link to our new music video.

Yes, it is posted and located just below these paragraphs. If you click on them, you might really like our video. Who knows? If you like it, you could maybe perhaps find the urge somewhere in your heart to click the like button & maybe even the subscription button to our YouTube page. ❤ (Sad puppy face?) ❤


…And yes…of course…we would and always do…appreciate that act of kindness. Support from others is treasured. If you are an artist that needs others to view, subscribe and like, we are loyal. We will return your kindness because we love to support other artists who also support other artists. (Sharing is caring. Care Bears For Life! <3)

Just the same, it is our experience that you can be kind and follow others for promotion. It doesn’t always mean they’ll return the favor and follow you back, but one will always hope just the same.

I’m sure you hear that a lot reader, especially if you are a musician yourself. Check out the original official trailer for Fire Sprites Nostalgia, which actually is the first link below if you want to leave this article and go click on it right now. 🙂 _____ :}

If you don’t want to see that, that’s okay. It’s an ad. Whatever! Then you can just continue to the music video, which is the best part. The music video is the most important footage and most important artistic piece that we have ever completed together. Every minute of it comes from the heart.


As far as the video’s true message and meaning? It might not even make any sense to some, but sometimes it’s good to keep others guessing in certain ways and leave room to create their own interpretations.  Sometimes less known about something, can make that something more relatable and personal to others.

Okay, so that is all I have to say today. Talk to you soon. Feel free to message  us, if you want and just do what makes you happy in life, always.


Waking Dream

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Fire Sprite’s Nostalgia Ad Official Trailer:

Link below Music Video:

Fire Sprite’s Nostalgia Official Music Video 

Click on YouTube link to watch, like and subscribe.

Thank you again!

Waking Dream Nyc Inc. © 2017-2018 All Rights Reserved


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