Fornicata: Gothic SoundCloud Artist (Tahoe, CA)

It’s official.  This is Waking Dream’s very first “SoundCloud Review.” We did it. Now what? Oh right. I’m supposed to talk about the artist now. Fine! Just give me a moment to breathe here. (Takes a deep breath, wipes forehead and begins typing once again.) Okay!


Today’s review is about Fornicata, one of my favorite SoundClouders. He is a dark wave & goth electronica artist with certain industrial undertones included in its packaging.

Some of his songs that are especially notable include “Sorry not Sorry,” whose feeling is like that of a haunted death circus and “My Evolution,” (the collaboration between Fornicata & SoundCloud artist Mood Exhibit,) which seems to portray images of an abandoned death ship in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. There inside the dreamlike underworld dimension of “My Evolution,” comes the creepiness of the green lights of Type O Negative, & in the distance, an old lighthouse still stands somewhere within the mist. Skip forward to hints of a psychedelic sandstorm, and then back to the underwater grave of the ghost ship, as a sea monster comes to swallow up all remnants of spiritual activity & white noise radiating from Fornicata‘s echoing voice.

The mood of the track “Crystal Clear,” which can be found on the album “Black Covers Everything” however, is quiet and somber, as if the dead were trying to communicate with the living. This can be as the lyrics portray, construed as a metaphor for the specter of a speaker feeling invisible, while pining over a loved one that doesn’t seem to notice or care: (The ultimate gothic story of unrequited love.)

Lyra Daydream and myself find Fornicata’s breathtaking music both relatable, and reminiscent of our own pasts. He would know what I meant, as I get the feeling that Fornicata is a gothic comrade, and that we are all gothic kindred spirits in certain ways.

                                                        FORNICATA: ORIGIN STORY

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 7.15.45 AM

Fornicata‘s signature icon, as you can see just above, shows a black square with a red heart in the middle featuring a black checker board-like criss-cross pattern in its crevices.

He is from California, where there seems to be no darkness or sadness of any kind. Ha! Ha! Just a joke…and, so it was difficult for me to visualize the gothic underground existing in a state where the sun always dominates and where hugging strangers is society’s “norm-core” thing to do? The only way to know what California’s goth scene is like is to ask someone else who actually lives in California and knows what they’re talking about, such as Fornicata.

 “The underground in Cali?,” he asks, “if you live in one of the major cities, then I’m sure there is enough of a scene to flourish as a dark wave artist in California…I live in Tahoe, which is a nice place but there is no community of people who enjoy this type of sound. Everyone is either into country, jam bands or gangsta rap. Not much of a chance for me to spark an interest locally.”

Glad to know that goth is not dead in California, but if Tahoe doesn’t have gothic music, then where is it played? If I knew where to go as a New Yorker, maybe that would be the place to go to a Fornicata show.

“California has some mega famous goth clubs that I know of, but personally I have not been to. San Fran has the DNA Lounge and LA has Das Bunker and Club Sinister which seem bad ass but I have not been. Reno, NV hosts a goth night called Ritual that is once a month. I’ve been to that a few times. It’s great but they do not play underground music…When I want to hear underground stuff, I look to Soundcloud or Mixcloud. Some of the DJs on Mixcloud have the best underground stuff I’ve heard. Cold Transmissions, Antipole, Kiddo, Bloodlit Radio, and Inclub are some of my favorites.”

Lyra found music to be an outlet while she was still a teenager, but I struggled to understand my purpose, or that it was possible for music to permanently be a part of my life. I decided to ask Fornicata about when he first gained an interest in playing music.

“When I was younger, I played guitar and eventually became a DJ at a local goth club in New Orleans. While doing that, I messed around with daws * (a daw is a visual audio workstation) * and synthesizers a lot. I took a long break from it all to go traveling and moved to California because I love the mountains…It was a few years ago that I was inspired out of nowhere to get back into it. Soundcloud was the first outlet I had to showcase what I’d been working on, but I initially got on the site to explore other people’s creations.” 

It is true what he says he about SoundCloud. Whether you love to listen, to create music, SoundCloud seems to be the one first places to go, besides MixCloud. Not only is it free, but there is a high quantity of underground scene artists. With so many different musical tastes and combinations, it can be hard to keep up & difficult to picture how far one’s journey can travel.


Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 8.43.30 AM

          BandCamp Album Cover Art “Black Covers Everything” Displayed (Above)

What is not difficult to picture, is hearing one of Fornicata‘s songs at a New York City goth club, such as Saint Vitus Bar or the Pyramid Club. There are plenty of 1980s sounds within his work, which I personally tend to be drawn to. So, I went to go research more about Fornicata‘s albums and discovered his BandCamp. The album “Black Covers Everything,” has an introduction that says “anyone that enjoys the likes of Clan of Xymox and Drab Majesty will end up salivating over this like a zombie discovering fresh human meat.” He must have read my mind when I asked him to tell me more about one of his album concepts, although I’m not hungry for fresh human bloody meat just yet. What time did I have lunch today anyway?

                    (Link to BandCamp Album “Black Covers Everything” (Below)

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.43.12 PM

Black Covers Everything

“The album to mention would likely be ‘Black Covers Everything’. I didn’t intend it to have an overall concept. I wanted it to have a dark undertone throughout, with different degrees of seriousness I suppose. It’s all kind of wicked (they always are) which gives it cohesion, but some songs are romantic, some are sad and some are creepy.”

Thus, the gothic, aesthetic appeal of Fornicata‘s music. How the mood is written for this album is entirely dependent upon each individual song on this compilation.  As someone who happens to like Clan of Xymox, I would have to agree that if one were compare Xymox to Fornicata, they would undoubtedly hear striking similarities. At the very least, Fornicata‘s music would likely be appear on a Clan of Xymox mixed artist playlist.

Listen to the song “Jasmine & Rose” & then immediately after, to Fornicata‘s song “Tomorrow.” Your ears will pick up on the strong artist influence within Fornicata‘s track.

                                                     “Jasmine & Rose” by Clan of Xymox

                                                            “Tomorrow” by Fornicata

Tomorrow” seemed to be the solid first within all the tracks he has posted. It’s powerful dark energy & nihilistic, ghostly vocals are the perfect blend of power, blood and death all bathed in fire. Over as quickly as it came, it is the ultimate goth club song. Not that his other tracks aren’t gorgeous, but for some reason this song is special & stands out from all the others. It shines eerily with a signature Fornicata style, and is the song most likely catch on as a hit single, if only the general public would just open their eyes.

“‘Tomorrow’ may have been my favorite track. I felt that I tapped into an energy that rarely sees the surface.” FornicataI couldn’t agree more.

                                                         SLEEPLESS COLLECTIVE

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.23.22 PM

It’s time to tell you all about Fornicata‘s project, along with his affiliates & collaborations. Fornicata has been posting SoundCloud tracks for two years & is a member of the collaborative project and record label, “Sleepless Collective.” Sleepless Collective’s introductory SoundCloud line is “Always Conscious,” and their sounds vary depending the individual members, as well as during various member collaborations. No two songs are ever the same.

“Sleepless Collective formed from key members of the “Mintlab Collective” who decided to break off and do their own thing. I was invited in by the artist, Mood Exhibit. I think he wanted to “darken the place up…haha. Needless to say it was an honor and a surprise. It is a very diverse group and quite talented.” 

                                (Above) Tracks from Sleepless Collective’s SoundCloud page

Posted (below) is the musical treasure “Spires” by Fornicata and the overseas SoundCloud artist Jostein Kihl Svarthe from Tronheim, Norway.

Another one of my favorite pleasantries among Fornicata’s collaborative works, “Spires” is like entering into a dark vortex time loop and exiting out into a medieval Celtic or Germanic Grimm fairy tale. All the while, there is a sorceress casting spells, in that same moment.


The monsters that lurk within Fornicata’s music, roar, click and howl in the afterlife, if you dare to listen to this artist’s songs.  If you wish to check out Fornicata, there are links to both his SoundCloud & YouTube page (below.)


Fornicata Official YouTube Page

Tell us what you think of this artist. We’d love to hear your thoughts either in the comment section or in a private message. All musicians typically love constructive feedback,  in order to improve upon future artistic works. Therefore feedback by the listener is welcomed, so long as it is respectful and not a trolling remark.

Waking Dream Official YouTube Page

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-Liz Lund



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