Shout Out: Artist Belial Pelegrim ********** “Pan Eclipse” ***************

                                                 “Pan Eclipse” by Belial Pelegrim

… A track & the artist who made it… Points upward, just in case you all didn’t get the hint already…

Roar! Grr! Bitch!

Awake and thriving and/or suffering from chronic insomnia, somehow this track seems to suit the mood just right. So here I am & I’ll tell you that I like it. It’s soothing and takes me to that special place, in a remote city with crystal flashes of light.

And I ride down to Broadway and the flashes of lights from the billboards covering the buildings of Times Square, grow closer and larger and brighter. So long as you kept your windows closed you could cut the intensity in half, but if they were open, you were free to take cool footage and experience its erratic brilliance head on. And so in this little happy place of mine, I’ll tell you Belial Pelegrim, honestly, and openly that this is a damn good mix. And it made me visualize a newfound vividesque imagination that brought with it some mellow landscape and dreamlike encounters with faceless people.

Cool sounds like the chiming of glass as you play the echoing of a psychedelic guitar and the synth arpeggiating over and over through the making of this perfect song pattern. Violins seem  welcoming, but become contagiously menacing by the second.

What kind of technology might they be using now? What’s going on now inside this little story the track might be attempting to tell us? It all sounds so pleasantly dangerous and yet so charming all at the same time.

What’s that? What’s happening? It will all soon be explained?

Perhaps this computer technological system is not the threat we understood it to be, although it is not always wise to trust, for how could anyone entirely predict the actions, all abilities and knowledge adaptability to be given within the construction of an A.I.? Then again, how can one ever think to predict the actions of humanity either? Questions oh questions, Oh apple pie!  -The END & thanks again for the good musical eats, “Belial Pelegrim.” Belial Pelegrim SoundCloud Link


Waking Dreams SoundCloud Shoutouts

❤ Lyra & Liz ❤



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