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Introducing Doom Metal & Electro/Pop Artist, “Audrey Hornet” (Philadelphia,PA)



Today’s featured artist is Audrey Hornet (electronic pop & doom metal artist) from Philadelphia, PA.  I heard Hornet’s music during Waking Dream’s first year of appearance on SoundCloud and the first Audrey Hornet song that I ever heard was Fangs.

Fangs is from the EP (Witching Hour) and it didn’t take very long for me to embrace this instrumental art work due to its memorability. I thought to myself, “wow! I really dig this. This is really goddamn good. I think I’m a fan.” Soon after, I became just that. 

Fangs can best be described as intentionally simplistic, yet it contains a soft & dark dynamic to it.  If one could picture a motif featuring a ghostly waltz that is both slow and somber, where there are no birds, and only a single cat right over there in the lonely graveyard (without wind & without sun,) then one could easily picture the atmosphere of “Fangs.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 6.39.23 AM

When asking Audrey to interview, I had difficulty getting a hold of her at first. However, I understood that perhaps she hadn’t seen the message yet and explained to her that I was a fan & wished to interview her for this article. It also helped for me to send her a link, so she knew I wasn’t some creep. (lol) It took a few days, but she eventually got back to me and then soon after,  provided very thorough answers to all of my questions. 

                                                          THE INTERVIEW

I started playing guitar when I was in 7th grade” she said. “At the time, no one else in my family was a musician. I grew up listening to my parents’ music (stuff like classic rock, disco and pop.) Around 13/14 years old, I got really into bands like Led Zeppelin, The Doors and The Beatles. That was what inspired me to finally pick up the guitar and start making music. I sort of left pop behind and just veered more into a rock/alternative rock direction. Then in high school, I became interested in playing metal and some electronica using sounds similar to influences such as Nine Inch Nails and Mindless Self Indulgence.”

Mindless Self Indulgence and Nine Inch Nails? Not bad influences at all! Just remember to discount the asshole factor of Jimmy Urine, and you’ve got (perfectly good…, no,) breathtakingly exceptional music to listen to all throughout your high school career.

Hornet went on to explain the Philadelphia music scene or rather the lack there of one, along with her time spent in Chicago as a musician. 

“I’m honestly not really involved in any scene in Philly. Before I moved back here this spring, I lived in Chicago for about two years. When I was there, I lived & hung out at a house where we had shows in the basement. Any time of day I could go down and jam with my roommates & friends, even after I had moved out. We had a couple shows there, and they were all amazing. 

Hornet’s songs typically harbor sounds that either dabbe in both the metal and grunge genres, or that contain an almost “outer space alien charm” to them (via the genres of dance, pop and electronica.) Either way her music continuously delivers content that is both imaginative & engaging to listen to. Her EP Indica Fields gets under your skin and then somehow manages to slowly seep into your mind until it has infected every part of your brain. Your senses will then heighten as you move from track to track.

“Indica Fields Hornet explained, “is about a serpentine huntress witch who travels through dimensions & universes in a crystal ship spreading magic weed.”

However, it was the track Holy Mother Magma that particularly captured my undivided attention. This track gave me what I feel can only be described as a natural, music high (one that musicians and enthusiasts alike, are all to familiar with.) It is my favorite Indica Fields piece and lyrics are recited with such bewitching vocal intensity, that this track is indeed successfully able to convey how great and chaotic the power of mother nature can actually be. 

It is best to listen to this track as you read its lyrics.  Feel free to do so, before you continue.


I saw you standing
on the mouth of a volcano
the fire licked
your wings
you flew
into a cloud of debris
and you came crashing
down on me

an angel with 7 eyes and 7 mouths
glossolalia lies and blackest sound
pyroclasm peels flesh to bone
holy mother magma take me home

hold me close
drowning poison grace
razor feather
slicing sick embrace

an angel with 7 eyes and 7 mouths
glossolalia lies and blackest sound
pyroclasm peels flesh to bone
holy mother magma take me home

The dangerous and fiery implications complete with chanting & gore via the liquid volcanic rock melting and burning all in its path, creates a hellish vision of metal that brings with it the fire and brimstone of Dante’s Inferno. Holy Mother Magma is actually a worship song of sorts. It’s a prayer to a volcano goddess of destruction.” One comes to think of the Polynesian goddess Pele (goddess of volcanoes.) “Most of my lyrics are inspired by magic, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and weed. I’m an amateur filmmaker currently working on two horror scripts and one of things I love is telling stories. I like to tell stories through my lyrics and through my music. I like to immerse the listener in whatever world these stories take place, be it a human colony on a planet halfway across the galaxy, a treacherous swamp on a lonely moon, or a hyper-dimensional ship traveling faster than the speed of light.

With that said, I am ready for my personal ticket via Audrey Hornet’s apocalyptic space  land adventure, where we as listeners can visit and explore some unknown alternate dimensions and experience what lays beyond our current reality’s musical law of physics.

Hark! The gateway opens friends!

“I have 3 projects that I release music under and 4 officially released EPs,” exclaimed Hornet. ” ‘Miri’ is my doom metal project. I recorded the guitars and vocals myself. However, I would eventually like to form a band with a drummer and bass player, but I have to wait until I move to California in 2 years. The demos I’ve released so far, are part of a concept album about powerful women. To name an example, Empress of Endless Night’ is about an insectine alien vampire lady.”



Here is one of the best finished products I have listened to so far on Hornet’s page. Go ahead and listen to Hornet’s newest EP release Unfamiliar Constellations.

It’s as if all the genres decided to get together and go on a group trip into our earholes. This journey is not only both soothing & exhilarating, but also a pleasantry all the way through up until the last track exits out of our heads. It is nothing short of a beautiful album (worth the listen, if not the buy,) on BandCamp.

Unfamiliar Constellations BandCamp

Unfamiliar Constellations was finally released in April earlier this year and the concept art for the album was created by an artist that goes by the name of Ayla Arthur (@fourarmsdemon.)


Audrey Hornet started as a noise project, but became what I like to call vampire space pop. Unfamiliar Constellations has songs about vampires (Blood Runs Warm), Hellraiser (Polydrama,psychedelic witchcraft (Vegan Pizza) and also a song that connects to a much larger concept/space epic that I have currently brewing called (Through the Trees).”

                                    (Music Video Link Below) “Blood Runs Warm”

                                                      LAST MUSICAL MENTIONS

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 6.35.32 AM

Here are some other musical treasures of Audrey Hornet’s that I think need to be mentioned.

This is the link to Short Term Memory Loss (Hornet’s stoner metal/punk/drum beat project.) According to Hornet, several of the songs are about getting high, being a werewolf and eating police as a werewolf.) We all have our hobbies, right? lol

“Short Term Memory Loss” on BandCamp


Also, here are the lyrics to the song Short Term Memory Loss.

Short Term Memory Loss (lyrics below)

Where did I put my lighter?
Oh fuck, it’s in my hand
Slipping time through my fingers,
the bowl always comes back again.


Another song I love, called Cherry Pie, is listed in the link below and you should definitely check it out when you have a chance because it is another personal
“Liz favorite” among her tracks, and I happen to think I have really good taste. Therefore, I have a feeling that you will all really like this one a lot.  


“I have an EP coming out soon titled Forbidden Fruit, that ties into the larger concept,” said Audrey. I have been working on a story about a trans cyborg girl named Cherry, who finds herself in the middle of a galactic conspiracy involving evil corporations, beings the size of moons, and a drug called Forbidden Fruit (which is extracted from trees growing on the surface of these beings.) The Forbidden Fruit EP is “written by” Cherry after she goes on an impromptu hover bike road trip with an alien cat-girl (who is also trans). The road trip story will serve as a prequel/introduction to the main plot. I plan on adapting this story in comic form when I finish it and find an artist.”

If you enjoyed this article & Audrey Hornet’s music feel free to subscribe to Hornet’s SoundCloud and YouTube pages at the links below, as well as this Waking Dream WordPress page and of course our Waking Dream YouTube page (whose links are also listed below friends!…) lol ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  Thank you so much for reading. Until next time!

-Liz Lund (Waking Dream NYC)

Audrey Hornet SoundCloud & YouTube Links:

Waking Dream Link:
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