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New Demo of Nueve Ángeles De La Muerte/Nine Death Angels by K-Effect & Waking Dream

A new demo is here and Halloween is in the air. Happy Samhain & Happy Halloween guys & gals! Trick or Treat! Make mischief! Make mischief!

Music created by K-Effect of the company K-Effect Music & Mastering

Vocals & Lyrics by Waking Dream of Waking Dream Nyc Incorporated

The official, mastered version of this track (with new vocal tracks) will be coming soon this November. A very special thank you David Martín (aka K-Effect) and to Lyra Daydream (head of the Waking Dream Nyc Incorporated project.) K-Effects work can be seen at the link just below.

This track (official and/or demo versions) will be featured on the new upcoming Waking Dream 2018 EP.

More updates to come! Take Care and have a wonderful Halloween.

-Liz Lund of Waking Dream

(All Rights Reserved © 2018)


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