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Shoutout: Artists Agitation Phi, Bissecta de Kinsâme and Myrh ***** “WARRIOR WITCHES” ******

I didn’t get a chance to give a shoutout last month, so this is long over due. Just the same, I have no idea what the beginning chant in the song “Warrior Witches” is saying, but that doesn’t matter too much.

Either way, it is too late for me now. I have been put under a spell of some sort in which I no longer have self control, but instead find it necessary to immediately go off and be wildly bonkers for no reason whatsoever. Uh oh! It would seem that I am now being forced to have an awesome time because there are warrior witches afoot.

Someone please help, as today, I have accidentally landed myself in some kind of highly trippy and highly random animated place where everything is vibrating and changing color and compressing and expanding. (I seem to end up in this place a lot, don’t I?)

All the characters here have glimmering smiles as they walk and vibrate along with the rhythm of the music. They tell all before them, that there will be no stop to their abrupt arrival.

I can’t tell if I’m in an anime or what, but it all seems to get stranger by the second. I’m not sure where or what I am right now. Do I still have bones? Did someone slip me mother’s special kind of tea and not tell me?

The warrior witches know no law of physics and it would seem that neither do I. It’s hard to say what I think of this place because it doesn’t seem plausible for me to be here floating in the distance, because with the warrior witches, I am outside of and upside down from my element.

The weirdness of this land overwhelms me, but here they come, the warrior witches. Nothing will stop the madness. They are coming and they are here friends. I hear some kind of liquid magically bubbling & rippling and then witness as time and space and universe magically open a portal to some magical unknown fate. Why is this happening you ask? Well, why not?


“Warrior Witches” recently appeared on the “Venus Attacks!” compilation for P.O.G.O. Records and No Records (created by Yann Pillas of AZUKI.)

Lyra and I were listening to this track, and it came up in discussion how strange and yet how catchy this song actually was. When I say catchy, I mean in the pleasantly surprised sort of way. (It’s the good kind of ear worm friends. The kind that doesn’t bore you! You know what kind I mean! Don’t be coy now!)

Venus Attacks

It is so odd, that you can’t help but to like it, which is why I’m still talking about it right now at this very moment.

The characters who speak to us, assert their powerful feminine dominance and makes themselves known to all that cross their path. The music follows them wherever they travel and they announce that “our hips are the pillars of the world. Our bellies are the temple of mysteries. Our breasts are bombs. Our lips are the revenge of the goddesses. Our souls are eternal flowers.”

Yes. Here they are, and they are unstoppable. It’s a fun song and definitely worth a listen. With that said, thank you Agitation Φ(Phi), thank you Bissecta de Kinsâme and thank you Myrh. I truly enjoyed this one. Keep it up!

For more information about these artists check out their SoundCloud pages below.


Thanks for reading! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

-Liz Lund of Waking Dream

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