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Waking Dream Updates: So… We Play Shows Now???


(Above) From Gussy’s Bar January 5, 2019

We have some news. It’s official. Waking Dream is now ready to play shows for all of 2019 this year and we’re going on a tour in June. Yes indeed. There is so much to tell since we last updated you but it’s all come down to this moment.

We finally have video and audio to show of us playing live. Ain’t that something?  We just finished playing two shows for January the first of the year, (which are the second and third shows for Waking Dream ever!!!! ❤

(Below) From Gold Sound’s Bar January 19, 2019


So instead of me talking here, I’ve got some videos and audio I’d like to show you.

(Above) Meat Maker’s Man @ Gussy’s Bar January 5

Oh the power of…

(Below) The Wrong Prophet @ Gussy’s Bar January 5

Manifestation… It’s not something we’re used to.

It’s been 3 years that we’ve waited to start playing out with the exception of the sole and only show at Caffeine Underground last year. Technically, you could say these are our first and second bar venues? Just the same, I have one more thing I want to show you.

We have a SoundCloud recording of us playing out the whole show at Gold Sounds Bar.

We also have all of these other shows coming up for all of late winter/early spring.

50589083_2097786913598154_4799407665862148096_o (1)  (Above) Flyer for Liz’s Birthday Night w/ Ed From Space, Night Zoo, and AJNA  (scheduled For February 23.)

…To start off the month of February we’ll be playing at Reverb in Reading Pennsylvania with the goth band Dark Reverence. (Twinsees?)

The second show takes us then back to Brooklyn at the Muchmore’s Cafe/Bar/Venue where we will be playing the February 23rd night show at 12am on February 24th. (By the way, the February 23rd show just happens to be my birthday party.)

After that, we move forward to the next weekend over. Once again we’ll be playing a show with Dark . Reverence at The Gussy’s Bar in Queens on March 2nd at 11pm.

(Below) Flyer for Goth Night at Gussy’s Bar w/Dark Reverence (scheduled for March 2.)

screen shot 2019-01-18 at 10.56.48 pm

That’s just for February and March alone so far on the Waking Dream show schedule. April 5 we then play at Muchmore’s again, but this time in a line up (not only with Dark Reverence,) but also with Citoletium (a death metal band) and Animate Earth (aka Unearth Noise’s psychedelic kraut rock band.) Waking Dream goes on at 10pm by the way.

49625859_811696319162138_560108901274484736_n (1)

That’s not all though. Somehow, we ended up being scheduled to play the Rochester Vampire Ball this summer June 15th and we’re going on tour with Dark Reverence then too?????

YAY! Okay! That’s it for now.

I’ll give you all the dates and times for all shows……


2018-2019 Past Waking Dream Shows:

May 18, 2018 Caffeine Underground

January 5, 2010 Gussy’s Bar

January 19, 2019 Gold Sounds Bar (Line up with Matt Waters/Samaras)

Upcoming 2019 Waking Dream Shows

February 21 “Decay” Reading, PA @ Reverb Time TBD

February 23-24 “Liz’s Birthday Show” Brooklyn, NY @ Muchmore’s 12am (Line up with Ed From Space/Night Zoo/AJNA)

March 2 Queens,NY “Goth Night” @ Gussy’s Bar 11pm (Line up with Dark Reverence)

April 5 Brooklyn, NY “The Dark Art Experiments” @ Muchmore’s 10pm (Line up with Animate Earth/Dark Reverence/Citoletium)

June 15 Rochester,NY “Rochester Vampire Ball” @ Photo City Improv: Comedy & Music Venue Time TBD

June tour dates: TBD

July 26 Brooklyn,NY @ The Well 8pm





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