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Concerning the Waking Dream project, we have an update for you. We’re in the process of developing some brand new tracks with some brand new lyrics. :} Our EP “Pitchforks Are For Pilgrims” is finally finished, and now we can move forward. The new album has no name yet, but that’ll come.

So far, for this new album, we’ve recorded a couple of ‘scratch tracks’ for the songs “The Meadow” & “Hexes & Prayers.” These are both first try practices: definitely nothing fancy and a work in progress of course, but somehow I still really love… only one of these tracks. lol The other one, I’m currently having second thoughts about because it was just that half assed.

The music & lyrics to both however, were made with love and the tracks are full of mistakes, but then that’s why they are called “scratch tracks,” right? They’re garbage. We know!

By the way, our collaboration with K-Effect is in the works for “Nine Death Angels” a.k.a. “Nueve Angeles De La Muerte.” This track is the farthest thing from scratch for us. You can view K-Effect’s music page right here, if you want to check it out.

The song “Apple Eyes” will also be developed as a first try scratch track as well. Admittedly, it is all a slow process, especially since it has been a really busy October.

The SoundCloud Community of Doom on Facebook is rapidly increasing in membership and the media project ‘SoundCloud Music Reviews’ has been a very fascinating experience thus far.

Researching the music of other SoundCloud artists like us, was actually pretty rewarding. It’s given me a good education and fresher outlook of other parts of the country and the world, as well as of the underground music scene as whole. My strong appreciation for the musical possibilities out there has grown.

Because of these reviews, I got to meet some really cool people and connect more deeply with artists that I already knew. I was given a lot of insight and detail about their projects and I got to experience these projects and people quite thoroughly. I wasn’t simply just skimming through the track, but more so fully examining and analyzing it, and all the while picturing images in my head to both the music and lyrics. This is something that I have never done before and because of it, things are changing.

That’s why I’d like to give a very meaningful heart-filled thank you, to everybody whose interviewed and to those who have agreed to be interviewed soon. You have been so supportive of us and you have given me some real knowledge that I’m going to keep with me forever, for pretty much my whole darned life. So, thank you so, so so much.

I’m sure you hear that a lot. I’m sure you’ve heard that speech a million and a half bajillion, gajillion times already. I don’t want to bore you with the repetition, but just know and that I am fully looking forward to finishing this first set of 10 SoundCloud Music Review articles & Track Shoutouts. I want you to know that what you have done to support us, really does mean a whole lot. Now enough about that!

Instead, here are some cool new Waking Dream icons for you right here, and some officially posted (super garbage) SoundCloud practice scratch tracks.

Ever evolving! Ever changing! Always shapeshifting! There will be no gold to start.


As for “Nine Death Angels,” tempting as it would be to add a preview, we’re saving it as a special surprise for now, because it is a very special track to us and really fucking unique. ❤ So, not yet! No spoilers today! However, if you’d like to see the lyrics to our other soon to be official tracks, they are posted up on our BlogSpot page in the poetry section. The link for it is just below.

Waking Dream’s BLOGSPOT :}

It’s almost Halloween and soon to be Samhain. The magick and energy right now is at its peak everywhere, surrounding all of us and it’s being kept alive by us as musicians and artists. Hopefully it will continue to be on the rise, forever unending, and always flourishing.

Trick or Treat, Happy All Souls Night, Day Of The Dead, and All Hollow’s Eve, (what ever it is that you wish to call my, or our favorite holiday.)  Talk to you soon!

-Liz Lund of Waking Dream

Waking Dream Nyc Incorporated 2016-2018.












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